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93% of all online experiences – Google, YouTube, Amazon & all the social media channels – begin with search. So working with an SEO consultants that really understands your business can lead to significant success and growth. Navigating the two hundred factors that make-up Google’s organic algorithms can seem complicated at first, but we can help you break it down into simple, easy steps.

Frequently we come across companies paying anywhere from $500 to $3,000 per month for SEO, and receiving results presented month-to-month, with no analysis back to day one. It’s great to see you might be doing a bit better than the previous month, but it’s much more important to see how you’re doing compared to six months or last year.

We do things differently.

SEO consultants that know SEO.

As SEO consultants, there are three component parts of our services to clients.

Understand your SEO traffic

“Google now processes an average of over 40,000 search queries every second.”

Understanding your business and your organic traffic needs is the first step. The psychology behind what people search for is vital to grasp. Pick terms that are too ambiguous and you can be confronted with a hard slog to generate poor quality traffic that isn’t interested in buying what you’re selling. Get too precise and your hard work can deliver you too little traffic.

Actions that work

The next step is to deliver actions that WORK. That will include potentially fixing any technical aspects of your site, building the site’s authority through backlinks, optimising your on-site content, developing more shareable and engaging content, or all of those. Our team will be working on growing your traffic from day one. No bad black hat SEO tactics here.

Clear reporting

Finally, we aim to make sure you understand the results you’re getting. We provide all clients with access to our reporting portal that gives you – if you want them – updates every single day.

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