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We have a proven track record of growing our clients’ businesses using Google Ads. Here is an example of how we almost TRIPLED a client’s orders in under a year.

Google Ads Results

Google Ads is a valuable tool that every business can use to drive traffic that converts. It is the backbone of many digital strategies – serving targeted ads based on what people are searching for. The beauty of Google Ads is that the data is transparent and easily reportable, and can be switched on or off, increased or decreased according to your budget day-to-day.

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Google Ads (Adwords) Partner

The challenge is that Google Ads has many depths to it and many ways to make it more effective for your business. That’s why it’s always best to trust a certified Google Ads consultant.

Google Search advertising

The Google search network is a great way to deliver a lot of high-quality traffic to your website very quickly. It allows you to cost-effectively and quickly test value propositions, landing pages and experiment with conversion rate optimisation.

The great thing about search advertising is that you can easily target people who show clear intent for your products and services and belong to target demographic and geographic segments.

Google Ads display network

Whilst banner ads often deliver poorer quality traffic, they deliver a LOT of it very cheaply. And with good targeting and quality creative in the ads, that conversion rate can deliver enquiries and prospects. Think of Google Display more as brand awareness, rather than lead generation.

The other great thing about Google Display is that we can get your ads in all sorts of places. Even in apps and games that carry ads. So someone could be playing a game on their smartphone whilst sat outside your business, and see an ad for your services there and then. Kinda cool, eh?

Google remarketing

Much like Google Display, except these ads are only shown to people who have already been to your website. We can even make sure they see specific ads based on products or services they’ve already looked at.

Gmail search advertising

Whilst you can get display ads appearing in Gmail, Gmail Ads are actually emails that appear in people’s inboxes. They look something like this:

gmail google ads

Don’t think many people would click on those? Think again. It’s much harder to get them to click through, but the average open rate is very high. This is where you need to be backed by good content or a good promotional offer.

YouTube advertising

YouTube is a gold mine of advertising opportunities. The ability to produce a short, 15-second advert and show it directly to your target market within your specific location is huge, and one that every business should be taking part in.

And you don’t need to spend thousands on creating high end videos for YouTube; creativity is the key.

Other pay-per-click advertising

Whilst one of the dominant players in the industry, Google isn’t the be all and end all of pay-per-click. There are other great channels for PPC that include Bing, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Outbrain. All of these serve different purposes and different target markets.

Hire your Google Ads consultant.

Whatever solution you’re looking for, or whatever the size of your budget, we can help. We’re a registered Google Partner, so you can rest assured we know what we’re doing!

tom carden google adwords testimonials

Simon is assisting Touchpoint in taking our PPC campaigns to the next level. Since commencing working with us, he has been a valuable source of knowledge on the Google Ads platform, taking us to sections we hadn’t yet been and providing us with insights that we had not yet thought of. This has resulted in some immediate performance improvements. We are continually led to evolve our online marketing efforts and we look forward to where Simon can take us in the near future.

Tom C. Digital Marketing Manager, Touchpoint Technology

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