The Paper Planes Manifesto

Business is like a paper plane. Anyone can make a paper plane. And anyone can start a business. But just like a paper plane, businesses are hard to get right.

It’s not just a case of folding a piece of paper a few times and throwing it into the air. There are many factors that make a successful paper plane. There are many factors that make a successful business.

We’re here to help you fly.

Everyone knows how to make a paper plane.

A piece of A4 paper, a dozen folds and you’re ready to launch. But everyone also knows that most paper planes, once they leave the safety of your fingertips, go crashing to the ground.

That’s because whilst paper planes are easy to make, they’re hard to get right. You need to account for aerodynamics, weight distribution and launch path. And unless you know what you’re doing, it can easily go very wrong. Even if you make the perfect plane and throw it with the right amount of force, there are many factors outside of your control that will impact the success of the flight.

We believe business is like a paper plane.

It’s very easy to start. Lots of people have great ideas and registering an ABN can be done online in minutes. Print some business cards, source a product, sign a lease. None of these things is hard.

But turning an idea into a successful business is hard. And like flying a paper plane, there are a lot of external issues you will have no control over.

We can make it easier for you.

Our mission is to help you develop and execute a robust digital marketing strategy that does four key things.

  • Builds Awareness
  • Develops Trust
  • Converts To Purchase
  • Ongoing Nurturing

These steps will help you find the right customers by communicating to them in their space and making them aware of how you can help them. Then we build trust over time to give them the confidence that you’re the right solution for them before we encourage them to contact you or purchase your product or service.

Once that’s all done, we want you to stay close to customers, so we build a plan to nurture your relationship with them, encouraging them to return more frequently, spend more and recommend you to their network of contacts, colleagues and friends.

That’s how to grow a business.

If you take those steps, you’ll build a better paper plane. You’ll be better defended against external elements. You’ll soar faster and further.

We are Paper Planes. Come fly with us.