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Your website is the first place prospective customers visit when deciding on who to contact. If you’re an eCommerce business, a good website is the difference between success and failure.

Our goal in project managing your website design is to give you the best, objective advice and deliver a result within a budget that makes you stand head and shoulders above competitors.

Website design process

The best website results come from good partnerships and working relationships between the developers and the client.

This requires consistent communication and a clear, understandable process. We make sure every step of the build is detailed clearly so everyone understands roles and responsibilities. 

CMS platform agnostic 

We’re platform agnostic; we believe in building a solution that is right for our clients, not what is right for the agency.

Every platform has pros and cons and we have experience in just about every CMS in the marketplace. We also have solutions to match every budget – from start-ups to small business, up to enterprise customers.

We also make sure we tackle the important steps when launching a new site too – Google friendly, good copy and the right hosting.  

  • WordPress – the world leading CMS when it comes to building a website. WordPress is versatile and capable for every type of business, including eCommerce.
  • Magento – if you’re serious about eCommerce, then Magento is the answer. With many different options and plug-ins available, it allows for massive scaling either in products or locations. 
  • Shopify – as a plug-and-play eCommerce platform Shopify is second to none. It may lack a little in customisation ability but it’s fast, easy to use and cheap to implement.
  • Other CMS – there are dozens of capable platforms, some open-source and some proprietary.

We can help you navigate the potential pitfalls to get you to the right choice.  

If you’re looking to build a new site, or refresh and relaunch an existing site, come and talk to us about helping with the project management. 

Website Design Project Management

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