Google Adwords Management

Let us craft laser-targeted Google Ads that get you more sales. We specialise in Google Adwords management and are certified Google Partners. We get results quickly.

Drive sales, save money

We’ll craft clever Google Adwords campaigns that drive traffic, generate leads and drive more sales. Guaranteed.

It’s easy to make expensive mistakes on the Google Ads network, especially if you go all ‘Cowboy’ and try to manage this complex network yourself. This doesn’t happen under our watch.

We do extensive work upfront including exhaustive keyword research, identifying negative keywords, competitor reviews, building conversion optimised landing pages and structuring campaigns properly before spending a single dollar as part of our Google Adwords management services.

Google Adwords management delivers sales growth

Transparent reporting means accountability

We watch your site like a hawk to ensure it generates revenue – profitably.

Not only will you receive regular updates on specific campaigns, you also have access to our interactive live reporting portal.

This provides full transparency on all aspects of your website and digital marketing performance – in real time.

We partner with the best

tom carden google adwords testimonials

Simon is assisting Touchpoint in taking our PPC campaigns to the next level. Since commencing working with us, he has been a valuable source of knowledge on the Google Ads platform, taking us to sections we hadn’t yet been and providing us with insights that we had not yet thought of. This has resulted in some immediate performance improvements. We are continually led to evolve our online marketing efforts and we look forward to where Simon can take us in the near future.

Tom C. Digital Marketing Manager, Touchpoint Technology

Google Ads Management FAQs

What is Google Search advertising?

The Google search network is a great way to deliver a lot of high-quality traffic to your website very quickly. It allows you to cost-effectively and quickly test value propositions, landing pages and experiment with conversion rate optimisation.

The great thing about search advertising is that you can easily target people who show clear intent for your products and services and belong to target demographic and geographic segments.

What is Google Ads display network?

The Google Ads display network delivers visual and text based ads about your brand while people are visiting other web sites.

With good targeting and quality creative in banner ads, they can deliver high quality enquiries and prospects. However, the are more suited for brand awareness, rather than lead generation.

What is Google remarketing?

Google remarketing ads are much like Google display, except they are only shown to people who have already been to your website.

We can even make sure they see specific ads based on products or services they’ve already looked at. This is particularly useful for lead nurturing and abandoned cart marketing.

What is Gmail advertising?

Gmail advertising consists of displaying interactive ads in the Promotions and Social tabs of a person’s email inbox. Sometimes these ads are expandable, just just like an email, and can include images, video or embedded forms. Gmail ads help you to connect with potential customers in very personal format.

What are Google Shopping ads?

With Google Shopping ads, Google automatically determines when and where your product ads are displayed. This happens based on the products in your feed as well as your auction bids that determine what search queries trigger your ads and where they appear.

Case studies

Here are a few case studies of how we’ve helped businesses drive sales via our Google Adwords Management.

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