Facebook Ad Management

Facebook advertising may seem simple but there’s a lot that needs to be done right, or you risk wasting a lot of money. Let us craft laser-targeted ads that get you more sales. We specialise in Facebook Ad management and we get results.

Highly targeted ads that convert to sales

We’ll craft highly targeted Instagram and Facebook Ad campaigns that drive traffic, generate leads and drive more sales. Guaranteed.

It’s easy to make expensive mistakes on the Facebook advertising network. Facebook will spend all of your budget, especially if your ads are poorly targeted and your landing pages don’t convert.

We do extensive work upfront including exhaustive audience research, competitor analysis, building conversion optimised landing pages and structuring campaigns properly before spending a single dollar as part of our Facebook Ad management services.

Facebook Ad Management

Transparent reporting means accountability

We watch your site like a hawk to ensure it generates revenue – profitably.

Not only will you receive regular updates on specific campaigns, you also have access to our interactive live reporting portal.

This provides full transparency on all aspects of your website and digital marketing performance – in real time.

We partner with the best

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nick marden strong digital

When you are looking for agencies to work with it is so common to see people who are self-proclaimed experts but lack the actual experience and know how to achieve results. The guys at Paper Planes are the exception rather than the rule, they are genuine experts, not only is their knowledge incredible but they back it up by getting things done and leveraging their experience to get results.

Nick Marden Director, Strong Digital

Facebook Ads Management FAQs

What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook advertising consists of creating ads that target people based on location, demographic, and profile information. These ads are displayed in Facebook and encourage people to take a particular action, such as liking a page or purchasing on a website.

Is Facebook advertising expensive?

Facebook advertising is a highly cost-effective marketing channel, if you do it properly.

As with pay per click, Facebook advertising is an auction. When you submit your ad, it goes to an auction to get in front of the right people. The ad that wins and gets shown is the one with the highest total value based on three main factors: bid amount, estimated action rates, ad quality and relevance.

If you set up everything correctly, Facebook advertising can provide a very high ROI. If you don’t do it properly, then it can be very expensive.

Can I manage Facebook advertising myself?

You certainly can set up Facebook ads yourself but there’s a lot more to it than simply boosting posts. If you don’t set up your ads, landing pages and tracking properly you risk wasting a lot of money.

Unless, you have the capacity to dedicate a lot of time to learning and managing Facebook ads, you should trust an expert to manage your Facebook campaigns.

Is Facebook advertising effective?

Why do you need Facebook advertising? Bottom line: if you’re not using Facebook advertising, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity to grow your business.

Aside from the colossal number of people who use Facebook, the targeting capabilities in its advertising platform are exceptional. Facebook is one of the most highly targeted forms of advertising. You can dig deep into behaviours, interests, connections, demographics, age ranges, languages and locations. You can even layer them on top of each other to get in front of the right people.

When set up correctly, Facebook advertising is highly effective. It’s why you should always trust an expert for your Facebook ad management.

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